Finish the Line!

Finish The Line!

Extending Metro's K Line to Mid City,
WeHo, & Hollywood

Extending Metro's K Line to Mid City,
West Hollywood, & Hollywood

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Missed Metro's Meetings? Comment by Email!

Metro held three community meetings to update the public on the Northern Extension of the Metro K Line project (formerly known as the Crenshaw/LAX Line) from September 19-26. If you missed them, you can still get their updates at the links below and provide additional public input, which will ultimately inform the upcoming decision on the final route for the project.

If Metro selects the Fairfax-San Vicente Route, K Line North could serve all major destinations and job centers in Mid City, and WeHo while the La Brea Route would bypass all that on the way to Hollywood

Either way, let Metro know what destinations you think should be served by future rail service and which alternative route you prefer! Email them in your own words at or click the button below for a sample email to get you started if you agree Metro should pick the San Vicente-Fairfax route. 

Metro 9/19/2023 Virtual Meeting Recording
Explore the Metro K Line Stations Proposed for WeHo

Metro is planning new rail service to Mid City, WeHo, and Hollywood with the Northern Extension of the recently constructed K Line (Crenshaw/LAX). Depending on the route selected, WeHo could be served by up to four stations! Click on the icons below to explore each proposed station, what’s nearby, where you could get from there, and how much time you could save!

  1. La Cienega / Beverly
    Design District, Cedars-Sinai, The Beverly Center
  2. Santa Monica / San Vicente
    Pacific Design Center & WeHo Nightlife
  3. Santa Monica / Fairfax
    WeHo Center City
City's Role

We’re working to bring Metro rail to Mid City, West Hollywood, and Hollywood with the Northern Extension of the under-construction Metro K Line/LAX Line (aka "K Line North").

K Line North is a Metro project, but the City of West Hollywood is working to inform residents and stakeholders about the project and how to get involved in Metro’s process as they work to determine how it’s designed and who and what it connects to.

This microsite is part of that public awareness effort. The City is also working with our partners to line up funding to build the line ahead of schedule and studying how best to integrate rail service into the WeHo community.

Explore this site to find out more about everything from project benefits and proposed stations to travel time savings and the funding plan or visit for more information on the overall project!

The Funding Plan

We heard you! West Hollywood residents overwhelmingly support bringing Metro rail to WeHo but Metro’s funding is too limited to finish the line and it isn’t available until 2041. We’re working on a plan to close the funding gap and build Crenshaw North decades ahead of schedule—without raising taxes. Click on the link below to find out more.

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Which Route Do You Prefer?

Metro is currently evaluating which of the three remaining alternative routes the project will take. The San Santa Monica/San Vicente, Santa Monica/Fairfax, and La Cienega/Beverly stations would only be included in the project if Metro selects the San Vicente Alignment. If you want Metro to include this station email them at or sign up for one of the mailing lists below to find out about upcoming opportunities to weigh in during Metro’s process!

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Stay Connected

Sign up for email updates for periodic newsletters with information on project milestones, opportunities for public input, and how you can get involved in Metro's process! Live in WeHo? Select "West Hollywood Advocates for Metro Rail (WHAM)" for more local content. Otherwise, select the "All on Board Coalition" for more regional content. Thanks and let"s #FinishTheLine!