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Metro June 2022 Community Meetings & Online Public Outreach

Missed the Meetings? You Can Still Submit Written Comments to Metro!

After two virtual community meetings in Mid June 2022, Metro is still collecting public feedback online through the end of the Summer on the Crenshaw Northern Extension rail project, the project that will bring new Metro rail service to Mid City, West Hollywood, and Hollywood. Depending on the route selected, the line could serve or bypass all the major destinations and job centers in Mid City and WeHo on the way to Hollywood. Similarly, WeHo could be served by just one station at the eastern edge of the City, or as many as four underground rail stations.

The City of West Hollywood encourages all community members and stakeholders to submit written comments as feedback from the community will be a factor in Metro decisions about the final route the project will take and how much of West Hollywood and Central Los Angeles is served by future rail service. Recordings and materials from the June 2022 Metro Community Meetings are available below.

Metro June 2022 Community Meetings Materials & Recordings 

How to Submit Written Comments Online

  1. Email general written comments to Metro at
  2.  Provide detailed feedback on any of the proposed stations, like important destinations, suggestions for entrance locations, and considerations nearby,  through Metro's online Storymap tool and fill out the survey on the station(s) you're interested in.

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The Funding Plan

We heard you! West Hollywood residents overwhelmingly support bringing Metro rail to WeHo but Metro’s funding is too limited to finish the line and it isn’t available until 2041. We’re working on a plan to close the funding gap and build Crenshaw North decades ahead of schedule—without raising taxes. Click on the link below to find out more.

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Which Route Do You Prefer?

Metro is currently studying which of the three remaining alternative routes the project should take. The La Cienega/Beverly and Santa Monica/San Vicente stations would only be included in the project if Metro selects the Fairfax-San Vicente Hybrid route. The Santa Monica/Fairfax station would only be included if Metro selects the San Vicente Hybrid or Fairfax routes. If you want Metro to include these stations, please email them at or sign up for the email list below to be notified about upcoming opportunities to weigh in during Metro’s process!

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Finish The Line!

Metro's Proposed Stations for WeHo

Metro's Proposed Stations
for the City of West Hollywood

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Proposed Stations

Metro is planning new rail service to Mid City, WeHo, and Hollywood with the Northern Extension of the under construction Crenshaw/LAX Line ("Crenshaw North"). Depending on the route selected, WeHo could be served by up to four stations! Click on the icons below to explore each proposed station, what’s nearby, where you could get from there, and how much time you could save!

  1. La Cienega / Beverly
    Design District, Cedars-Sinai, The Beverly Center
  2. Santa Monica / San Vicente
    Pacific Design Center & WeHo Nightlife
  3. Santa Monica / Fairfax
    WeHo Center City
Key Project Benefits
Crenshaw North will extend the under construction Crenshaw/LAX Line from the Metro E Line (Expo) to the Hollywood/Highland Metro B Line (Red) Station and the Hollywood Bowl. Those new connections will bring powerful benefits for our region and each of the communities along the way. Click through the cards below to find out more!

Crenshaw North will provide high quality rail service to communities like West Hollywood which don't currently have easy access to regional freeways or existing Metro rail lines. Metro has already invested in the B (Red), D (Purple), E (Expo), and C (Green) Lines and Crenshaw North would link them all together making the regional rail system more useful for more people. With connections planned to these four other Metro rail lines from the South Bay to the San Fernando Valley, Crenshaw North will close a Gap in the Metro system and unlock the heart of LA!

Despite running through some of the densest and most congested areas in the region, Crenshaw North will mostly run underground where it can’t be bogged down in notorious LA Traffic. That separation will allow it to get tens of thousands of Angelenos and Wehoans where they need to go faster and more reliably than existing buses or driving. Imagine a trip from Hollywood to Cedars-Sinai. By car you might do that in 14-35 minutes depending on traffic plus more time to find parking. On existing buses that trip will take more like 30-45 minutes. With Crenshaw North? 8 minutes. Every time. Even on a Friday at 5:00 pm.

Crenshaw North will provide an alternative to three of the 20 most congested bus corridors in the County: Santa Monica Blvd. (the most congested bus corridor countywide), Fairfax Ave. (5th), and La Cienega Blvd. (11th).

We all need to drive less if we’re serious about addressing climate change. Crenshaw North will make it easier to do that by providing fast and efficient travel options to more people and more places.

By making transit a better and  more competitive option, Crenshaw North will help the City and the region meet our climate goals. Metro rail  is powered by clean electric power and Metro estimates Crenshaw North could replace over 338 thousand vehicle miles traveled (VMT) daily. That means over 123 million VMT annually! This movement to cleaner transportation translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air for all of us.

Crenshaw North would directly connect historically underserved communities to major job centers in Mid City, West Hollywood, and Hollywood. Depending on the route selected, Metro estimates that anywhere from 21,000 to 64,500 jobs would be in walking distance to new Metro rail stations. Jobs along the line would include a huge range of industries such as medical jobs at Cedars-Sinai, office and design jobs at the Pacific Design Center, hospitality jobs in WeHo, and entertainment jobs in Hollywood. Moreover, Crenshaw North will connect communities along the Crenshaw/LAX Line to onward connections along Metro’s under construction D Line (Purple) extension which will serve additional major job centers in Beverly Hills, Century City, and Westwood.

Crenshaw North will serve as a “wellness line” connecting major healthcare facilities like Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (the 4th largest employer in Los Angeles County!), Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Hills, and St. John’s Well Child and Family Center to the regional transit network. This level of fast and reliable access to critical healthcare services and related job centers will expand access to healthcare for communities up and down the future Metro line.

Crenshaw North will expand high-quality transit access to places Angelenos, Wehoans, and visitors already want to go including regional cultural destinations like the Hollywood Bowl, LACMA and Museum Row in Miracle Mile, The Forum and SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, and the upcoming Destination Crenshaw project.

City's Role

We're working to bring Metro Rail to West Hollywood with the Northern extension of the under-construction Metro Crenshaw/LAX line (aka "Crenshaw North").

Crenshaw North is a Metro project, but the City of West Hollywood is working to inform residents and stakeholders about the project and how to get involved in Metro’s process as they work to determine how it’s designed and who and what it connects to.

This microsite is part of that public awareness effort. The City is also working with our partners to line up funding to build the line ahead of schedule and studying how best to integrate rail service into the WeHo community.

Explore this site to find out more about everything from project benefits and proposed stations to travel time savings and the funding plan or visit for more information on the overall project!